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Since our founding in 2019, we’ve been working tirelessly in order to bring you a football boot that’s inspired by the past, made for the future. We’re excited to present the Panthera FG, designed with our 3 core values in mind:


Our vision is to use recycled & natural products only to ensure that we minimise our footprint on the planet. We've still got some work to go on this front but our goal is to achieve this by 2021.

We only use premium leather that is a by-product of the meat industry and vow to never do otherwise to prevent unnecessary growth of cattle numbers and deforestation of land. We believe in a brighter future for everyone.


Recently AOTB successfully installed a 10,000L water tank and solar panels at a local school in Kalingalinga, Zambia. We’ve teamed up to support communities like these and complete projects to improve healthcare and education. Be sure to check out their website to follow their incredible journey.

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We are strong advocates for giving back and trying to facilitate opportunities for others. When we first created the company, giving back was one of our main goals and something that we were very keen to make strides towards and implement. With that in mind, we searched for charities who share our values, which led us to Africa on the Ball (AOTB). 

AOTB work with deprived African communities and through the power of football, they advance education, healthcare and enterprise.


Our goal is to produce high quality football boots that are inspired by the football era preceding the world of plastic and bright colours. We combine a bovine full grain leather upper to a firm ground baseplate for unbeatable comfort and natural feel for the ball.

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