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Africa On The Ball

Who are they?

'We exist to empower, inspire and support communities and individuals to lead full healthy and sustainable lives. We strive to change lives through football'.

Andrew Jenkins (Right) - AOTB Founder

In 2011, Africa on the Ball (AOTB) came to life with thanks to Andrew Jenkin and Elena Sarra. The project began when they established 'Kalingalinga on the ball', a men's football team based in the suburb of Kalingalinga, Lusaka, Zambia.

This club not only created a space to play organised football but became a barrier breaker which engaged youth within the area and helped aid better and brighter futures for all, through the power of sport.

"Sport has the power to change the world, the power to inspire, the power to unite people in a way that little else can" Nelson Mandela

Africa on the Ball believe that football engages youth in a way that few development projects can. Since 2011 they have witnessed first-hand how football has inspired youth to become more active in their communities. Through the power of football AOTB are able to empower young people and develop interpersonal and communication skills to use in their everyday lives. Their philosophy is that football is not only an activity that is enjoyable and healthy for the body and mind, but is also an activity which promotes fair play, team spirit, inclusiveness and friendships.

What have they done?

Since their launch, AOTB have assembled a team of locals in Zambia who work together to create a supportive environment for positive youth development. This team is led by general manager Kelvin Chasauka who shares, embraces and implements AOTB's beliefs and philosophy within the community.

Employed two coaching staff members in Zambia who they have funded to help develop and expand their knowledge of the beautiful game through Zambian FA coaching courses.

In 2012, AOTB started profiling all who involved within Kalingalinga on the Ball so that they could grasp a bette

r understanding of who was involved alongside their family and educational backgrounds. They found sponsors from the UK who made donations for educational fees to help those who were not in a position to complete their basic education.

In 2014, they teamed up with EZ Sport to set up a food program which provided access to nutrition for all those involved with the football team. This program ensures that players do not go hungry whilst also educating them on the importance of food production and a balanced diet.

Following the success of Kalingalinga on the ball, in 2016, AOTB began tackling issues of inequality and started a women's football team who are the K Town Queens. This project broke down the participation barrier which women in the community faced. This project is continuing to flourish and progress.

AOTB have completed numerous life changing projects for communities and continue to do great work, we’ll share more stories and updates in futures posts so stay tuned.

How can you support?

Through your support of Kingdom Football, you’re already supporting the cause. We currently make monthly contributions to AOTB and hope to increase our donations as we grow. There are some exciting projects in the pipeline which we will be involved with in the future too.

Visit to learn more on how you can support AOTB and make a contribution to their work.

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